200 year old Vampire

Shane Chartres-Abbott, a Male prostitute hired himself out to both male and female clients.

Working out of the Cloud Nine Escorts agency at $300 per hour or $2000 for the full night.

200 Year old vampire

Shane Chartres-Abbott

In early 2002, he was hired by a fellow prostitute, 30-year-old Thai woman “LUCY” for his services.

After this encounter, Lucy hired Shane on quite a few occasions where they engaged in sex play including BDSM.

On July 16, 2002, things went a bit further than … Read the rest

Truro Serial Killers

Truro Serial Killers. In bushland near Truro, South Australia, on 25 April 1978 Bill and Valda Thomas

Truro Serial Killer James Miller

James Miller

were out picking mushrooms when they discovered a large bone that they at first thought to be the leg of a cow.

Valda couldn’t get thoughts of the bone out of her head and two days later convinced her husband to have another look.

Upon closer inspection, they noticed that the bone had a shoe attached. The couple immediately Read the rest


Neville Towner

Child murderer rapist up for parole

Neville Towner, Child rapist, murderer.

The Hickson family, Derek, a heavily pregnant Jurina, and their daughter Tracey moved into the Nepean River Caravan Park in early 1984

Also living in the caravan park was Mrs. Towner and her son, Neville.

On the 11th of October 1984, Jurina gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Lauren.

The Hicksons and Towners became good friends and Mrs. Towner would quite often Read the rest

Murdered for his money

David Lawrence’s Murder

The lifeless body of David Lawrence, 62, found at his Godfrey Court home on December 3, 2015.

David Lawrence

David Lawrence

At the time, he was in a de facto relationship.

His partner was 59-year-old Wendie Dent.

Mr. Lawrence did not show any pre-existing medical conditions.

He suddenly became extremely unwell until he died.

His death previous to drug tests was initially considered not suspicious.

A toxicology report occurred in 2016.

The test exposed lethal levels of opiates and … Read the rest



Salt Creek Serial Killer

Salt Creek Serial Killer

Salt Creek Serial Killer

In 1862 the only road between Melbourne and Adelaide was via Mount Gambier, the Coorong and down through Mount Barker.

Travellers passing through Salt Creek, ½ way along the Coorong in mid-1862 would come across an eerie sight.

The Travellers Rest Inn at Salt Creek lay totally empty of humans.

All the furniture, books, Alcohol etc, still sat in its place. Doors wide open, Cats, goats and … Read the rest

Bikie killed in horrific plot

Swimming with the fishes

Cosimo Castelluzzo, a small time criminal, and Warlords Bikie disappeared from Hindley Street in Adelaide in the early hours of New Year’s Eve 1992.

Cosimo Castelluzzo

Cosimo Castelluzzo, Swimming with the fishes

Bikie, Cosimo was listed as a missing person and this was announced on TV and radio.
A couple of weeks later, Police received information leading them to Lora Altintas.
Laura was the sister of middleweight South Australian boxing champion Bora Altintas, known as the Adelaide … Read the rest

Murder of 8 year old Sofia Shu

Sofia Shu

Sofia Shu, 8 years old, was spending the day with family at the Livingston Shopping Centre in Perth WA

Sophia Shu

Sophia Shu

She walked away from the rest of her family to go to the toilet

On leaving the female bathroom, someone grabbed from behind and dragged her into the disabled cubicle.

A few Minutes later when she hadn’t returned, her 14-year-old brother, went to look for her.

He called her name outside the ladies toilets, but she didn’t Read the rest

Derek Percy, Was he a serial killer?

Was Derek Percy a serial killer?

Derek Percy, Is he a serial killer?

Derek Percy

Derek Percy murdered poor Yvonne Elizabeth Tuohy on a beach in the small town of Warneet in 1969.

12-year-old Yvonne Tuohy was talking to her good friend Shane Spiller, 11 when Derek, then 21, grabbed Yvonne.

Shane had a tomahawk and threatened Derek with it but Derek ran off with Yvonne and shoved her into a car and drove off.

Noticed the Navy Badge on the car

Fortunately, Shane noticed the Navy Read the rest

Rapist let out on parole to murder

Paroled to murder

Karen Chetcuti’s murder by Michael Cardamone. 

Murder of Karen Chetcuti

Murder of Karen Chetcuti

Michael was 38 and living at home with his parents on their Myrtleford tobacco farm which had 1 house, an assortment of sheds and a couple of caravans for seasonal workers to stay in while they worked the farm. 

Three young workers stayed in one caravan and in the other was one worker and his 15-year-old girlfriend. 

On 17 March 2005 Michael, the other workers, and the Read the rest

26 year old shot

Gunman fires 12 shots at house and kills 26 year old

An unknown gunman has so far eluded the police after the fatal shooting a man.

Kurrajong Rd Narre Warren

At about 7:40 on Wednesday 16, 2017 up to 12 shots rang out, believed to fired from a hand gun in a moving car.

The majority of the shots hit the front of a Kurrajong Rd house but at least 1 bullet hit a 26-year-old male

The male was Read the rest