Neville Towner

Child murderer rapist up for parole

Neville Towner, Child rapist, murderer.

The Hickson family, Derek, a heavily pregnant Jurina, and their daughter Tracey moved into the Nepean River Caravan Park in early 1984

Also living in the caravan park was Mrs. Towner and her son, Neville.

On the 11th of October 1984, Jurina gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Lauren.

The Hicksons and Towners became good friends and Mrs. Towner would quite often babysit little Lauren.

Killer moves away

Lauren was three years old.

The towners moved 7 km away.

Both families kept in close contact and Mrs Towner continued babysitting little Lauren.

Neville Towner would quite often be hanging around the caravan park and the Hickson family

Laurens father gets killer a job

At one stage Derek Hickson, who was the warehouse manager at a fabric warehouse in Alexandria got Neville a few weeks work.

May 1989, Neville was at the caravan park when he borrowed a bicycle from Derek to ride the 7km home.

On May 17, 1989, Neville returned the bicycle at around 2 pm,

Another park resident spotted Neville talking to Lauren near the amenities block in the park.

Lauren walked up to Neville

Neville soon picked her up and she then put her arms around his neck and ‘snuggled into his shoulder’.

A short time later the witness stated she had seen Neville and Lauren.

They wandered off in the direction of the camping area, holding hands.

Neville and Lauren walked to a bushland area next to the caravan park where there was a small creek.

Neville removed Laurens footwear, jeans and underpants and attempted to have sexual intercourse with her.

Lauren began to scream.

Neville picked up a large rock and repeatedly struck Lauren with it smashing her skull in.

He then strangled her while he held her head under the water in the creek.

Once he was happy that Lauren was dead,

Threw her lifeless body in the creek

He threw her lifeless body into the creek and walked back to the caravan park.

Neville had a short conversation with two caravan park maintenance workers.

He then caught a taxi home, arriving home at 3 45pm.

At 4pm, after a search by residents of the caravan park, Lauren’s mother, Jurina phoned the police reporting her missing.

Found at a medical clinic

By six o’clock police were looking for Neville and found him at a local Medical clinic.

Neville claimed that he had not seen Lauren since the previous Sunday.

At about 7.50 pm, Neville, with his mother, returned to Penrith Police Station.

There he continued to deny seeing Lauren that day.

9.30 am the next day. Searchers discovered Lauren’s body.

Naked below the waist.

She floated to the surface of the creek.

Her body was carried from the creek by searchers and placed on the bank.

A preliminary examination of the body took place on the bank of the creek

Then a full post-mortem examination at Westmead Hospital.

At 10.00 am on 18 May 1989, police went to back to Neville’s house and took him back to Penrith Police Station.

At the police station, he was asked to supply blood and hair samples and he did so without any complaint,

He also allowed the police to go back to his house and collect the clothes he was wearing the previous day.

Still denied any knowledge

He was questioned about the statement he had made the day before and he was positive he had not seen Lauren on that day.

When the police informed him that he had been seen with Lauren by several people at the caravan park,

Neville said ‘that statement was not correct I’ll tell you exactly what happened.

Over the next few hours, Neville told the police the whole true story admitting to both the rape and the murder.

Later in the afternoon he took the police and showed them exactly where it all happened

While on remand awaiting sentencing,

Neville attempted suicide by smashing a light bulb and using the glass to slash his wrists,

On 6 March 1992, Neville was sentenced to 13 years and 4 months for the rape and life imprisonment for the murder.

In 2002, due to changes in the law, Neville had his sentence to a minimum 20-year term, making him eligible for parole in 2009,

Since 2009 The State Parole board refused parole more than five times.

Neville Towner

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