200 year old Vampire

Shane Chartres-Abbott, a Male prostitute hired himself out to both male and female clients.

Working out of the Cloud Nine Escorts agency at $300 per hour or $2000 for the full night.

200 Year old vampire

Shane Chartres-Abbott

In early 2002, he was hired by a fellow prostitute, 30-year-old Thai woman “LUCY” for his services.

After this encounter, Lucy hired Shane on quite a few occasions where they engaged in sex play including BDSM.

On July 16, 2002, things went a bit further than usual.

In a motel room in Prahran Lucy had hired for the night, they drank red wine together, Shane complained of his money troubles and then he attacked her.

Shane raped Jenny twice, gave her two black eyes, sunk his teeth into her thigh, bruised her neck and jaw, burnt her in several places on her body and tore out part of her tongue.

Shane then dumped the unconscious, bleeding Jenny in the motel room’s shower and left taking Jenny’s mobile phone with her blood still on his jacket.

At 11.20 the next morning the motel manager found Jenny and she was rushed to the Alfred hospital.

When Jenny came to, she could not remember much from that night except that Shane had suddenly become angry and attacked her.

It wasn’t long before Police had arrested Shane and he was charged with two counts of rape, one count of intentionally causing serious injury and one of recklessly causing serious injury.

Shane’s trial in the county court began late may 2003 and some extreme claims were put forward.

One claim was that Shane was a 200-year-old Vampire and needed human blood to survive.
In another claim, Shane claimed that he was the victim.

He stated that he was forced to flee the hotel.

Jenny had told him vice bosses planned to use him in a snuff movie, which would end with his death.

On June 4, 2003, Shane, His pregnant girlfriend and her father were leaving their house on the way to court when tragedy struck.

Two masked men walked up to the three.

One hit Shane’s father in law on the head knocking him to the ground. He then forces Shane’s girlfriend to kneel and the other man shot Shane twice.

One bullet hit Shane in the neck and the other hit him in the arm.

The coroner stated that Shane was dead before he hit the ground.

It was three years before anybody was charged with Shane’s murder.

Amid claims of police and government corruption, all charges were dropped.

To this day no one has been convicted of his murder.

200 year old Vampire

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