Ice addict tortures toddler

Michelle Dearing and two other women smoked ice, the three women went to a 24-hour Kmart, some time after 4am leaving baby Chayse with Michelles boyfrind Dwayne Lindsey

About 8.20am, Dwayne phoned michelle telling her Chayse wasn’t breathing. Michelle stated that Dwayne sounded like he was upset and crying and wouldn’t tell me what was wrong, he wouldn’t say anything. He just kept saying ‘Hurry up, hurry up’,

As the three women drove back to the unit, one of them, called triple-0. When the three arrived at the unit they found paramedics working on Michelles baby, Michelle became “overcome with emotion and collapsed”.

Chayse was rushed to hospital but died two days later

Dwayne was arrested and during the court case it was revealed that Chayse suffered severe traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries, marks on his neck, bruising and abrasions on his groin and retinal bleeding.

Lindsey had initially claimed he had been asleep with the baby on his chest but had been woken by what he thought was a spider.


He said he jumped and the baby fell off his chest, hitting his head on a wall heater.

However, prosecutors said those claims were inconsistent with medical reports, which showed Chayse’s death from a head injury was unlikely to have been accidental.

Defence barrister Scott Johns conceded Lindsey caused the injuries, but argued he did not intend to harm or kill Chayse.

Dwaye was found guilty of Murder, As he was taken from the court he stopped mand blew Michelle a kiss

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