Photo of COURTNEY Topic before police shot her dead

In Feburary of 2015, Courtney was standing on a street in Sydney’s west, She was wearing dark sunglasses and was sipping from soft drink she held in one hand.

Courtney Topic last photoIn the other hand she held a knife with a 20cm blade.

Workers at a nearby Hungry Jacks had spotted Courtney with the knife walking around in the car park and called police.

mobile phone footage taken by a witness showed police arriving at the scene. Five officers surrounded Courtney and a confrontation started.

Courtney lunged at officers, an officer tried to stop Courtney running onto a busy road by spraying capsicum spray — but when that didn’t work police tried to taser Courtney. The taser failed to discharge and the officer was instead forced to shoot. Courtney “acted a bit groggy and then dropped”. To the ground.

She was pronounced dead when an ambulance arrived 5 minutes later

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