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The first SA massacre, A myth or justice gone mad?

Back in 1839 the town now known as Elliston, 169 km northwest of Port Lincoln was known as Waterloo bay, There are no OFFICIAL documents relating to this massacre and in the 1970s an indigenous advancement group applied to the Elliston council to have a memorial erected depicting the massacre. This request was denied on the grounds that there was NO PROOF that the massacre had actually occurred. Wether or not this massacre actually happened it is now a story … Read the rest

Wipes out an entire family, Serves just 8 years

Clifford Cecil Bartholomew was 40 when, in a jealous rage, he killed 10 members of his family, including eight children, in a brutal bloodbath at Hope Forest, near Willunga.

The slaughter  occurred in the early morning of September 6, 1971, just hours after a Father’s Day celebration at the farmstead was supposed to bring the estranged family together. Noeleen Bartholomew’s eight-year-old niece lost her mother and toddler brother when her Uncle “Barty” went on his rampage during which he also … Read the rest