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Salt Creek Serial Killer

Salt Creek Serial Killer

Salt Creek Serial Killer

In 1862 the only road between Melbourne and Adelaide was via Mount Gambier, the Coorong and down through Mount Barker.

Travellers passing through Salt Creek, ½ way along the Coorong in mid-1862 would come across an eerie sight.

The Travellers Rest Inn at Salt Creek lay totally empty of humans.

All the furniture, books, Alcohol etc, still sat in its place. Doors wide open, Cats, goats and … Read the rest

Two stories of one murder

15ton Cutter Kate

15ton Cutter

This story revolves around the killing of an Aboriginal man named Padlalta (Charlie) who had been in trouble on a previous occasion but had managed to escape justice when a European man stood up for him and testified his innocence.


The 15 tons Cutter Kate broke her moorings in the Spencer Gulf while the crew were ashore and stranded high on the

beach. From here on there are two different versions of this story. The official … Read the rest

Australian murders, American law and hanged in Australian prison


Edward Leonski
In Pentridge

Edward Leonski was born in December 1917 in New Jersey, the sixth child of Russian parents. In1933, Edward took a secretarial course finishing in the top 10 per cent of the class. He had a few jobs before working at the Superior Food Markets NJ. He was drafted into military service on 17 February 1941,
Stationed at San Antonio, Texas, Leonski drinking heavily, When drunk he would do strange things like vaulting on to bar … Read the rest

Who killed John Hamp?

The only thing that is for certain in this case is the fact that John Hamp was murdered on the 23 June 1848.  Legends and various rumors have persisted in the area around Elliston for over one hundred years.

John Hamp was found dead when his brother returned late in the day to the hut they shared on a pastoral run near the northern end of Lake Newland, finding John with his decapitated head lying next to his body (In … Read the rest

The first SA massacre, A myth or justice gone mad?

Back in 1839 the town now known as Elliston, 169 km northwest of Port Lincoln was known as Waterloo bay, There are no OFFICIAL documents relating to this massacre and in the 1970s an indigenous advancement group applied to the Elliston council to have a memorial erected depicting the massacre. This request was denied on the grounds that there was NO PROOF that the massacre had actually occurred. Wether or not this massacre actually happened it is now a story … Read the rest

1854, Slit his own throat, Murder attempted suicide

11th of November 1854, Mrs Augustus Wallrecht’s body was found in a house in Port Adelaide owned by a Mr William Bell. She was found lying on William’s bed, her head had been nearly severed from her shoulders, and the fingers of one hand had almost been severed.
The bed was almost completely soaked in blood, William went into hiding but on Thursday, 16th November he was arrested, as a stow-away, in the coal-hole of the schooner Nonpareil, which was … Read the rest

1908 cop killer

Albert Ring born 10th January 1869 was married to Ida HARVEY. The couple had two children, both girls, Alma Eileen and Alberta Ida.

Albert had been a police officer stationed at Glenelg for 3 years and at 2:45 on March 28th 1908 he arrested a man named James Albert Coleman a 56 year old fisherman for being drunk and disorderly. At 9pm that night Coleman was released after he paid a fine of 5 shillings. As soon as he was … Read the rest

Shot his dad through a window

Police photo with bullet hole bottom right

On the evening of Tuesday march 16th 1915 William Escott was sitting in his office in the homestead of Koonoona Farm, Black Springs, just outside Burra, He was quietly reading a bible when he was shot in the head. He managed to make it to the office door and open it but collapsed dead on the floor. The shot had come from outside and had been fired through a closed window.

The murder … Read the rest

Auntie Thally

Born Caroline Mickelson,

Auntie Thally, Sweet old lady

(as she affectionately became known later on by fellow inmates at Sydney’s Long Bay prison) had a taste for poison tea and a distaste for family and friends. When her 87-year old step-mother, two relatives by marriage and a longtime family friend all died within suspiciously short spaces of time, the authorities came calling. What they found was that Grills has been filling the inside of her tea-pot — the one reserved … Read the rest

Accomplices in life, Accomplices in death

George Hughes had been in trouble with the law in his native Gloucestershire at an early age. He and his elder brother were arrested in connection with the robbery and wounding of a local farmer. The older brother was hanged for the crime and George transported to New South Wales for life. In 1839 Hughes and a fellow convict named Henry Curran managed to escape from New South Wales still in their irons and it was said that they endured … Read the rest