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Truro Serial Killers

Truro Serial Killers. In bushland near Truro, South Australia, on 25 April 1978 Bill and Valda Thomas

Truro Serial Killer James Miller

James Miller

were out picking mushrooms when they discovered a large bone that they at first thought to be the leg of a cow.

Valda couldn’t get thoughts of the bone out of her head and two days later convinced her husband to have another look.

Upon closer inspection, they noticed that the bone had a shoe attached. The couple immediately Read the rest



Salt Creek Serial Killer

Salt Creek Serial Killer

Salt Creek Serial Killer

In 1862 the only road between Melbourne and Adelaide was via Mount Gambier, the Coorong and down through Mount Barker.

Travellers passing through Salt Creek, ½ way along the Coorong in mid-1862 would come across an eerie sight.

The Travellers Rest Inn at Salt Creek lay totally empty of humans.

All the furniture, books, Alcohol etc, still sat in its place. Doors wide open, Cats, goats and … Read the rest

Derek Percy, Was he a serial killer?

Was Derek Percy a serial killer?

Derek Percy, Is he a serial killer?

Derek Percy

Derek Percy murdered poor Yvonne Elizabeth Tuohy on a beach in the small town of Warneet in 1969.

12-year-old Yvonne Tuohy was talking to her good friend Shane Spiller, 11 when Derek, then 21, grabbed Yvonne.

Shane had a tomahawk and threatened Derek with it but Derek ran off with Yvonne and shoved her into a car and drove off.

Noticed the Navy Badge on the car

Fortunately, Shane noticed the Navy Read the rest

Australian murders, American law and hanged in Australian prison


Edward Leonski
In Pentridge

Edward Leonski was born in December 1917 in New Jersey, the sixth child of Russian parents. In1933, Edward took a secretarial course finishing in the top 10 per cent of the class. He had a few jobs before working at the Superior Food Markets NJ. He was drafted into military service on 17 February 1941,
Stationed at San Antonio, Texas, Leonski drinking heavily, When drunk he would do strange things like vaulting on to bar … Read the rest