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Accident or Murder?

GRUESOME shredded body parts have been discovered in the case of a man who was killed when he went into a woodchipper last year.

Police have resumed an investigation into the death of Bruce Saunders, 54, who became entangled in the machine while helping a woman clear her driveway with two friends in November last year, at a home in Goomboorian, near Gympie.

Three people of interest have emerged in the investigation of the murder

Detectives are now questioning whether

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Murdered his family then vanished.

Elmer Crawford

Elmer Crawford
Killed his family then Vanished

Elmer Crawford murdered his family the vanished forever

Elmer Crawford, Did he kill his family?

 Glenroy Victoria, in a modest home owned by the Crawford family.

The family was made up of Elmer, a pregnant Therese, and their 3 children.

Daughter Kathryn, 13, son James, 8, and Karen, 6.

Only one of the family knew the evil that was about to unfold

In mid-June, both Elmar and Therese took out life insurance policies Read the rest

Wanda beach murders

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On the 8th January 1965, Christine Sharrock and her neighbour Marianne Schmidt had decided to take Marianne’s 4 younger siblings to Cronulla beach the next day but unfortunately the trip was cancelled due to heavy rain. The next opportunity arose on the 11th of January and Christine, Marianne and her siblings set of on the trip via bus and train arriving at Cronulla just after 11am but it was very windy and the beach … Read the rest

Who killed and dumped Karen Ristevski?

#Murder #Killer #KarenRistevski #truecrime                                                                                                                            The badly decomposed remains of Mother of one Karen Ristevski were discovered in the Macedon Regional Park wedged between two large fallen trees,

Borce and Karen Ristevski

70km from Melbourne by a bushwalker on February 21 2017. At the time of writing this article no one has been charged with her murder.

Karen was reported missing from her Avondale Heights home in Melbourne’s north-western suburbs on 30th June 2016 by her Husband who she had … Read the rest

$500,000 for an arrest

Three days later, her semi-naked body was found facedown in long grass by the side of the road. “She was sexually assaulted and found dead on the side of the road three days later. Despite a coronial inquest and the largest ever reward for information ($500,000), no one has been charged with … Read the rest